OBNA neighborhood greenways map

–        Neighborhood Greenways Construction: In March 2020, Councilors approved Phase 2 of the Bicycle Greenways project, also known as Neighborhood Greenways, on multiple streets including NW Milwaukee, SE 2nd, SE Roosevelt, SE Centennial and SE Paiute. Councilors approved designating speeds of 20 mph on these Neighborhood Greenways when posted too. Phase 2 construction is about half done, and should wrap up in August, and then Council is expected to vote on a construction contract for Phase 3, which is planned for later in the fall and includes NW Cumberland, Gilchrist, Shasta, Delaware and Division. Designs and frequently asked questions: www.bendoregon.gov/neighborhoodgreenways. Neighborhood Greenways are local streets that provide more comfortable and safer routes for walking and bicycling than nearby busier streets, due to signs, pavement markings, and traffic calming (such as speed humps and traffic circles) to slow and discourage cut through traffic. These streets remain open to auto traffic with access to homes and businesses unaffected.