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What You Can Do About Issues in Your Neighborhood

BendBugWe live in a vibrant, beautiful neighborhood. It’s centrally located and full of amenities that people from throughout our community come to enjoy. This can sometimes cause frustrations for the people who live here. Here are some common questions and issues that have come up, and some answers and information you can use.

With all the people visiting our neighborhood, there’s a lot of traffic. What’s the most effective way to address this?

The City of Bend has a Transportation Safety Advisory Committee that prioritizes, recommends and coordinates traffic safety programs. The committee meets quarterly and is made up of volunteer citizens and city staff. For more information, or to get involved, visit bendoregon.gov/TSAC.

Slower, Safer, Bend is a grass roots organization dedicated to building a safer, more livable community by focusing on neighborhood street safety. You can find more information on the group and their initiatives at slowersaferbend.org.

A business or residence is having a loud party or event. Who do I call to report this?

You can call the Police non-emergency phone number, 541-693-6911. Keep in mind that calls are handled by the Bend Police Department in order or priority. Depending on the volume of calls, noise complaints may not be the highest priority when you call. For more information on what violates the city’s Noise Ordinance, visit codepublishing.com/OR/bend, and search for Chapter 5.50 – Noise.

There is a car parked in front of my driveway or illegally parked in my neighborhood. Who do I call to report this?

You can also call the non-emergency phone number, 541-693-6911, for this issue. Just like with noise complaints, calls are handled by the Bend Police Department in order or priority.

There are a lot of establishments serving alcohol in our neighborhood. Can the City stop any more from opening up?

Liquor licenses are issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). State law authorizes OLCC to require applicants to obtain a Local Governing Bodies’ (like the City of Bend) recommendation before the issuances of an initial license or renewal of an annual license. However, the OLCC does not govern the Local Governing Bodies’ process. Applicants are required to provide notice to the City when applying for a license from OLCC. The City has 45 days to make a recommendation on a new application, and 60 days on a renewal. OLCC may consider the City’s recommendation, but is not bound by it.

For more information about the application process and approval/denial criteria, visit oregon.gov/OLCC

Isn’t there a limit to the amount of businesses that can serve alcohol in a certain area?

No, state law does not prohibit the number of liquor licenses that can be issued in a certain area. For more information on Oregon Liquor Laws and the OLCC, visit oregon.gov/OLCC.

I think a business in my neighborhood is over-serving alcohol to its patrons. What can I do?

Most businesses that sell alcohol obey the liquor laws and want to be good neighbors. However, sometimes problems do occur. Public safety is the OLCC’s first priority. If you have information on a business that is not obeying liquor laws, the OLCC wants to know.

If you have a complaint about a business in Bend that sells alcohol, call 541-388- 6292. The OLCC can enforce the liquor laws best when people with a complaint identify themselves and are willing to provide contact information for follow up questions. The OLCC will also take complaints from people who want to remain anonymous. For more information, visit oregon.gov/OLCC.

Many of these issues are complicated and have long-term implications for my neighborhood. What is the city doing to plan for the future and how can I get involved?

There are a number of ways you help shape changes to your neighborhood. Here are some current city projects were you can get involved and stay informed:

Land Use and Transportation Plan for the Central Westside of Bend – In response to OSU-Cascades’ plans for a site on Chandler Avenue, as well as many other proposed activities in the central westside area of Bend, the City sought and was awarded a state grant, called a Transportation Growth Management (TGM) grant, to create a transportation and land use future for the area. An extensive public involvement process will help develop a land use and transportation scenario that allows public and private land to develop in a way that supports the character of the project area and is financially feasible. For more information, visit bendoregon.gov/growth and click on Westside Bend TGM process in the menu.

Galveston Corridor Project – This project is a collective effort of business owners, property owners and neighboring residences to enhance economic vitality, improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and effectively manage storm water along the Galveston corridor. The goal is to develop a comprehensive improvement plan for the Galveston corridor that addresses traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, business uses, residential uses, storm water quality and management, and landscaping enhancement. For more information, visit bendoregon.gov/galveston.

Vacation Rental Discussion – The impact of Vacation Rentals is an important topic for our City. The Bend City Council has responded to a call from neighborhoods to consider issues surrounding vacation rentals, a popular and growing option for visitors in Bend. The City is working to balance neighborhood livability with private property rights and our tourism economy. For more information, visit bendoregon.gov/vacationrentals.

Parking Study – The City will be issuing a Request for Proposal for Parking Management Planning for several areas of the community during the early spring of 2015. Two of the areas that will be included are the Galveston Avenue and 14th Street commercial corridors. The scope of work for the project includes data collection, area resident and business surveys and public input via community meetings. The outcome of this effort will be to provide a report to City Council that details options to best manage parking needs in each area. It is anticipated that these two areas of study will dovetail with the TGM grant that the City has received that will evaluate overall transportation needs and potential solutions to transportation issues on the west side of Bend.

Source: City of Bend- FAQs Livability issues

Market of Choice and Bend Annex


July 12, 2012

RE:       Market of Choice and Bend Annex (201210  and 201122/1.3)

Public Meeting Notice

Dear Property Owner:

On behalf of the owners of the vacant properties located near the Old Mill district between NW Colorado and NW Arizona Avenues, east of SW Lava Road and west of the NW Colorado Avenue and NW Arizona Avenue intersection, we invite you to attend a public meeting to review and comment on two proposed developments. In the approved Property Line Adjustment (City File PZ 11-294), the western property is described as Deschutes County Assessor’s Map 17-12-32DC 13800 (formerly Assessor’s Map 17-12-32CD Tax Lots 16900, 17000, 17100 and Assessor’s Map 17-12-32DC  13700 and 13800) and the eastern property is described as Deschutes County Assessor’s Map 17-12-32DC 13900.

The development proposed for the western site is a single-story approximately 35,000 square feet grocery store with associated parking, landscaping  and site infrastructure. This proposal requires a Type II Site Plan Review and Design Review application. The review and decision is rendered by the Community Development Director following public notice.

The development proposed for the eastern site is for two single-story commercial buildings with associated parking, landscaping and site infrastructure. At this point, the tenants have not yet been identified for this site. It is likely that the smaller approximately 2,600 square foot Building 2 will have a single drive-through food service or bank tenant and the larger approximately 8,000 square foot Building

I will have multiple commercial tenants with uses such as retail, food service, personal service, and/or office. This proposal requires a Type Ill Zone Change application to change the existing Industrial Light {IL) zone to Commercial General (GC) consistent with the land use designation on the Bend Area General Plan for this property. The review and decision for the Zone Change application is rendered by the Planning Commission  or Hearings Officer following a public hearing. Additionally, the proposal requires a Type II Site Plan Review and Design Review application. The review and decision for these applications is rendered by the Community Development Director following public notice.

This notice has been mailed to all property owners of record within 500 feet of the boundaries of the subject properties and to the Land Use Chairs for the Old Bend and Southern Crossing Neighborhood Associations in accordance with the City of Bend Development  Code, Section 4.1.215.

When:  August 1, 2012 6:00pm
Where:  Downtown Bend Library Brooks Room, 601 Northwest Wall Street

Contact:   Kristen Taylor, CSBA
TBG Architects+ Planners
132 East Broadway, Suite 200
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Voice 541.687.1010 Ex 15  • Fax 541.687.0625 ktaylor@tbg-arch.com

Please find attached a Proximity Map illustrating the location of the two subject sites. We will present the Conceptual Site Plan and Exterior Elevations for the development proposals at the public meeting.

We look forward to presenting and discussing the development proposals with you and your Neighborhood  Association on August 1st.


Kristen Taylor, CSBA
Senior Project Manager/Planner

Public Notice PDF

Miller’s Landing Public Hearing



Monday, July 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm
City of Bend Council Chambers
710 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97701

APPLICANT: Bend Park & Recreation District

LOCATION: 55 NW Riverside Boulevard; Identified on Deschutes County Assessofs Map 17-12-32CC as Tax Lots 17900 & 18800.

REQUEST: Site Plan, Conditional Use Permit, and Waterway Overlay Zone (WOZ) application for Mii|er’s Landing, a new community park located on approximately 3.71 acres in the Residential Urban Medium Density (RM) zone. Proposed park amenities include: picnic shelters, walkways, river access, parking, restroom, community gardens, landscaping, and improvements to the adjacent street and alley.

STAFF REVIEWER: Aaron Henson, AICP, Senior Planner; 541-383-4885;  ahenson@ci.bend.or.us

All persons interested in this issue are invited to attend the public hearing or to mail written comments to the City of Bend Planning Division, 710 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon 97701. Comments must be directed toward the ordinance criteria that apply to this request. Those criteria are listed below. Please refer to the project number in your written comments. Written comments may be submitted at anytime prior to the hearing. The opportunity to provide oral testimony at the meeting will be at the discretion ofthe Planning Commission.

A copy of the application, all documents and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the applicant, and the applicable criteria are available for inspection at no cost and will be provided at a reasonable cost. A copy of the application and all documents and evidence relied upon by the applicant can also be viewed by logging into the ePlans website at https://eplans.ci.bend.or.us/ProjectDox/ with username “publicviewer@ci.bend.or.us” and password “public”, then searching for PZ-12-0163. A copy of the Staff Report will be available for inspection at no cost at least 7 days prior to the hearing and will be provided at a reasonable cost.

Mel Oberst
Community Development Director


(1) Bend Code Chapter 10-10; City of Bend Development Code

(a) Chapter 2.1; Residential Districts
(b) Chapter 2.7; Special Planned Districts
(c) Chapter 3.1; Access, Circulation and Lot Design
(d) Chapter 3.2; Landscaping, Street Trees, Fences & Walls
(e) Chapter 3.3; Vehicle Parking, Loading & Bicycle Parking
(f) Chapter 3.4; Public Improvement Standards
(g) Chapter 3.5; Other Design Standards

The applicable criteria are available for review at the City of Bend Community Development Department, City Hall, 710 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon. The
applicable criteria are also available on the City web site.

Open House to review noise code changes

The public is invited to attend an open house on proposed amendments to the City of Bend Noise Code. The meeting will be held on Monday, May 7 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 710 NW Wall St. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and share your ideas.

City staff has met with a group of interested and informed citizens, including event coordinators and neighborhood representatives, in an effort to develop code amendments in response to concerns about noise.

The committee worked to clarify where and how noise is measured and to identify appropriate decibel limits to ensure that residents won’t be disturbed by noise in their homes after 10 p.m. This included developing a permit process for limited exceptions to the noise ordinance requiring neighborhood notification and a point of contact during events. There was also agreement to establish escalating penalties for repeat violations.

The proposed code revisions are posted on the City website, www.bendoregon.gov, on the City Recorder’s page. The City Council is expected to consider these amendments at its May 16, 2012 meeting.

If you are unable to attend the open house on May 7, please send your comments or questions to City Recorder Robyn Christie at rchristie@ci.bend.or.us or 541-388-5517.