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Board Meeting Notes: April 12, 2012

Present: Jan Gifford, Bob Almquist, Brett Yost, Mark Weers, Spencer Dahl, Mike Olin
Absent: John Kelly, Ken Cooper
Guests: Greg Gifford, Marilyn Almquist

Mirror Pond Management Board Report:
Mike Olin reported that the Mirror Pond situation is virtually where it was two years ago.  The MPMB is supporting a Bend Parks and Recreation District Bond which would include a study of options in dealing with the silting of Mirror Pond. The MPMB will meet again in May. Visit our website for more on the MPMB and additional information on Mirror Pond.

Spencer Dahl proposed that OBNA take the lead in providing education to the community regarding possible solutions to the Mirror Pond situation.  We had a lengthy discussion as to what this might mean.

Action: Spencer will contact OSU Professor, Dr. Gordon Grant and other hydrology experts asking that if they would be interested in speaking at a Mirror Pond educational event or providing information.

Action: Bob Almquist will write a letter to Parks and Rec stating that we support the bond and encourage them to include wording that the river study will be open ended rather than the focusing on feasibility of one or two options.

In the future, the OBNA Board may consider asking the community to submit creative solutions for removing and preventing the silting. This might be presented in an “Ignite Bend” format. Such a project could increase awareness of the importance of River health and possible solutions. .

Action: The Board created the position “OBNA Press Secretary.”  All communication requests from the press will be referred to Bob Almquist who apparently doesn’t mind being misquoted. Thanks, Bob.

Action: The Board directed Jan Gifford to find out more about the Neighborhood Association Insurance.

Action: OBNA will post land use actions to the website in a timely manner so members will be informed as to land use actions in their neighborhood.  Riverwest uses a simple format on their website.

Homework for next month: Summer General Meeting ideas, date, location. I’ve contacted Parks and Rec about the availability of Miller’s Landing.

Bend Park & Rec District 2012 Local Government Grant

March 31, 2012

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
Local Government Grant Program
Attention:  Michele Scalise
725 Summer Street, NE, Suite C
Salem, OR 97301

Re:  Bend Park and Recreation District 2012 Local Government Grant Application

Dear Ms. Scalise,

The Old Bend Neighborhood Association supports the Bend Park and Recreation District’s 2012 Local Government Grant application to help fund the development of Miller’s Landing Park.

The grant will assist the district in providing close to home, recreational opportunities for residents of the Old Bend Neighborhood as well as satisfying expressed community demand for additional access to the Deschutes River and to the Deschutes River Trail.  Some of the features and benefits of the park development include:

  • An extension of the Deschutes River Trail that will provide an off-street trail connection  for walking, running and cycling and an enhanced route for community events
  • The provision of group and individual picnic sites that have consistently scored high in community surveys
  • Year-round restroom facilities that will provide a clean, safe option for park visitors and Deschutes River Trail users
  • A new beach/river access that will provide healthy, active recreation for  children and families and  additional access for kayakers, canoeists and other river users
  • Protected riparian areas and extensive native plantings that will enhance habitat for wildlife and facilitate nature observation

Developing the Miller Landing property as a park has been a priority of the Old Bend Neighborhood Association and we support the Bend Park and Recreation District’s effort to develop the Miller Landing property.


The Old Bend Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Notes: February 9, 2012

February Old Bend Neighborhood Board Meeting:
Present: Jan Gifford, John Kelly, Ken Cooper, Mark Weers, Spencer Dahl, and Brett Yost
Absent: Julio Lindsay, Bob Almquist
Guests: Michael Colanders, Greg Gifford, Dave Hakenson

Mirror Pond Update:
Guest, Michael McClandress, former project coordinator for the Mirror Pond Sedimentation Project, gave the board a brief history of previous and current efforts to find a solution to the Mirror Pond sedimentation problem.

See the OBNA and 2030 websites for articles discussing Mirror Pond.

Spencer Dahl moved that OBNA will not take a formal position on a solution to the Mirror Pond issue until the Public has received more information regarding all of the possible alternatives. Second by John Kelly

The Vote:
In Favor: Kelly, Dahl, Gifford, Weers, Cooper
Abstain: Yost

John Kelly, Spencer Dahl and Bob Almquist will write a letter to the editor encouraging the Mirror Pond Steering Committee to provide the public with information regarding the possible alternatives before they ask whether the public is in favor of pursuing a bond or tax district. Michael McClandress has offered to assist if needed.

Old Bend Newsletter results: Spencer reported that about 50 out 100 emails bounced back. We had three cancel subscription and one new subscription.

The website looks great and continues to evolve.

Next month’s meeting: March 8 at 6:00 PM. McMenamins?

I noticed that many of the Associations post: “The Board typically meets the second Thursday of the month between 6:00 PM and 7:30. Meetings are open to the public but please contact the chair for location and agenda.”

I also note that Board minutes are brief.

Agenda Item for next month: Published announcement of Board Meetings, Format of Board Minutes.

OBNA General Meeting: November 11, 2011

Members were noticed approximately two weeks prior via general mailing.

Five guests from Riverwest also attended the meeting.

John Kelly discussed the issue of fencing along the river frontage. This is considered an issue of safety for children and pets as well as security for property owners. He has secured signatures from a number of residents along the river who support the allowance of fences. Currently the City requires a $3000 fee to review a request for fencing. This is the same amount which is required for a full design review.

John Kelly plans to approach the city requesting that fences be allowed subject to design and placement standards developed by the city planners and that the fee be reduced or eliminated. Tom Green, city councilman, agreed to present this to council. No objections from members were voiced.

There was a discussion of the proposed Galveston Street Project. More info on this can be found on the city website under public works projects

The issue of smoke drifting into residences from outdoor smoking at local businesses was discussed.

Councilman Green, who sits on the Mirror Pond Management Committee, discussed progress or lack of regarding solutions to solving the silting of the pond. . The Steering committee has not made a decision as to how to proceed. Funding is the main issue at this point.

Spencer Dahl has agreed to update the Neighborhood website. Spencer and several of the Board Members will attend a training session at Alpine Internet Solutions.

A Board Election was held: John Kelly, Mark Weers, Bob Almquist , Ken Cooper, Spencer Dahl were reelected. Jan Gifford, Brett Yost, and Julio Lindsay were elected.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.

The Board will meet Wednesday, December 7 at 6:00 pm at McMenamins in the Smoke Room.

The Agenda will include: Communication, Duties of Board Members, By Law Revision, and future goals and objectives of the OBNA.